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Unique Outdoor Lighting Ideas: LEDs are Here!

 When it comes to unique outdoor lighting ideas, one product has been gaining recognition as a top contender. Outdoor LED strip lighting is an aesthetically pleasing way to add customizable ambience to any home or business. LED strip lighting purchased and installed by a reputable retailer like Ablaze Lighting can add character to any building that is cost-effective and beautiful, but the advantages don’t stop there. Taking a minute to learn a little more about LED lighting systems and what makes them a superior choice can help make your lighting upgrade choice substantially easier.


What are LEDs?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. They are available in various sizes and brightness levels and are among the most efficient forms of lighting available. LEDs last up to fifty-thousand hours, making it reasonable to expect more than twenty years of illumination without the need to change a light bulb. Incandescent bulbs by comparison last roughly five-thousand hours. Unlike some other types of lighting solutions, LEDs produce little to no heat depending on the size of the lights, which make them safe for use in many situations. Additionally, LED lighting strips provide immediate light that doesn’t need warm-up time to operate at peak efficiency regardless of temperature or other weather conditions. Unlike many other lighting options, LEDs are not affected by vibrations caused by wind.


Advantages of LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting offers advantages that other means of illumination can’t come close to matching. One of the most sought after features of LED strip lighting is the overall efficiency of the products. Very little energy is required to operate LEDs, making it possible to use your new outdoor LED strip lighting more often without a pricey electric bill at the end of the month. Another advantage of LED strip lighting is the ease at which they can be customized.


Push Button Customization

Imagine outdoor lighting that can be customized without the need to go around the building with a step ladder to change incandescent bulbs. A system offering countless colour combinations, light patterns, and effects that can be utilized to convey your enthusiasm for a specific holiday, event, sports team, or charitable cause. With the finest outdoor LED strip lighting products on the market today, it’s as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. An intuitive app allows users to customize their lighting in less time than it would usually take to change a single lightbulb with other lighting methods.


There’s no shortage of unique outdoor lighting ideas, but for an easy to use and cost-effective option, it would be wise to consider beautiful LED strip lighting. With a few simple taps on your smartphone the entire lighting system can be customized to the colours and patterns of your choosing. Make the choice that best suits the distinctive needs of your home or business that lasts longer than any other option while adding ambience. To learn more about LED strip lighting for outdoor applications, contact the most dependable retailer in the GTA today. They’ll be happy to guide you towards the lighting that best meets your desires.